Green God Canabis is your #1 and cheapest online dispensary Canada. We are a legal, safe, and discreet mail-order marijuana provider situated in Vancouver to buy weed online Canada. Our online dispensary is your best source for buying marijuana in highest quality.

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Guaranteed and insured delivery with the courier. We provide a tracking # on all orders and purchases over $200 are shipped to you free of charge!


We guarantee the cheapest prices for that quality of great products. We will match the price If you find the same quality product online for less.


We guarantee the cheapest prices for that quality of great products. We will match the price If you find the same quality product online for less.

Online Dispensary Canada

online dispensary Canada

We are also the cheapest online dispensary Canada. Look for other online weed shops in Canada and compare our prices yourself. If you find any cheaper price than ours we will follow their prices. You can immediately start purchasing from our Online Dispensary Canada – Green God Cannabis and never get ripped off when buying cannabis online in Canada. Visit Green God Cannabis more often to grab some coupon codes for the bigger deals on weeds. Purchasing at a Canadian online dispensary shouldn’t be scary as it’s also legal in Canada since 2018. We sell the best cannabis flowers, edibles , concentrates  and more on our online dispensary Canada. You will get all your orders shipped to your door in 3 days after your purchase.

online dispensary Canada

Your shipment arrives safely, on time and full of high-quality weed products. Even better, contact our client care on the off chance that you need assistance with the sort of strain and dose to suit your needs. Indeed, we need to help you in any capacity we can. That is the thing that our online dispensary Canada is about. Don’t waste your time anymore on other dispensaries and visit Green God Cannabis Online Dispensary Canada to see the cheapest prices for the best products in Canada. The Green God Cannabis - online dispensary Canada is made easy to mail order marijuana in Canada as now can shop the marijuana easily within Canada. The online dispensary Canada for marijuana is available with all types of weed like edibles, concentrates, tinctures, oils, cbd products and their consumable types as well.

online dispensary Canada

Online Dispensary Canada since it was legal in Canada in June 2018, buying weed online has become easier. Online Dispensary Canada means sites where weed and cannabis based products are sold online. Why not buy weed online from a trusted Online Dispenser Canada when we buy everything from the Internet today? All orders are shipped both reliable and confidential. If you are looking for the best Online Dispensary Canada Green God Cannabis shop should come to mind first.

The products offered for sale on Green God Cannabis are great and high quality products. Green God Cannabis, an Online Dispensary Canada where you can buy all kinds of weed products from Edibles to concentrates, is proud to offer you the best customer service and highest quality products. When you search for an Online Dispensary Canada, appearing at the top rankings is not a coincidence, but an indication of the trust of your customers. For this reason, Online Dispensary Canada GGC (Green God Cannabis) offers the best quality products at the most affordable prices.  You should also try GGC's high quality products for the best weed experience.As one of the best Online Dispensary Canada, our top priority is to offer our valued customers the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

 what ? online dispensary Canada

If you live in Canada and are over 21 years old, we invite you to visit the Online Dispensary Canada - Green God Cannabis. We are here to provide you the best services with 24/7 sales support. Compared to other Online Dispensary Canada shops, we prepare all our products with care and offer you the products we produce from high quality weed plants.

As an Online Dispensary Canada, we have patients who visit our online dispensary for treatment of many diseases besides arbitrary use. Our products of cannabis origin, which are used as a definite result in the treatment of many diseases, have been tested before and positive results have been obtained. All products we sell at our Online Dispensary Canada are products that have been tried and tested before. For this reason, you can mail order marijuana from our Online Dispensary Canada for the stress free life.

In Canada people are looking for a reliable Online dispensary lately after 2018. Becuase buying marijuana online from an online dispensary Canada became legal in Canada in 2018. Patients and pleasure people buy their weed products like cannabis flowers, weed edibles, concentrates, hash, tinctures and cbd products from any online dispensary Canada.

Buy Weed Online Canada

buy weed online Canada

Buy weed online Canada with Green God Cannabis. It’s never been so easy before to purchse weed online! Browse our high quality cannabis products for the best strains, cbd products, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, oils, vapes, and more! Simply add the products you would like to order to your ‘Shopping Cart’. Then send your payment with e-transfer, and wait for your order shipped to your door. You are already buying everything online for the last 3-4 years. So why not to buy weed online Canada? It's so easy to buy weed online Canada with Green God Cannabis. Your age has to be verified first and then you are ready to buy weed online Canada.

buy weed online Canada

Age verification takes only a few minutes unless you send us the photo of your Canadian identity. Keep in mind that we offer Free Shipping on all orders over $200. Also don’t forget that we offer 2000 GGC Points to all our new buy weed online Canada customers. 2000 GGC points are worth $20 redeemable with minimum of $50 worth of order. Even in a legalized marijuana state, mail order marijuana services are sketchy but Green God Cannabis is known as like a fast food store of the cannabis industry. We’re the Canadian online dispensary of marijuana products where you can buy weed online Canada. Enjoy buying your weed online from Green God Cannabis discreetly!

Buy Weed Online Canada from Green God Cannabis and we offer state-of-art Customer Service for our venerable customers like Customer Support. When you mail order marijuana online at our online dispensary, we guarantee the cheapest prices. We’re so confident that we provide the cheapest weed prices for all our products that if you find a same quality of product offered for less, we’ll match their price! That’s why you should buy weed online Canada at Green God Cannabis!

buy weed online Canada

Green God Cannabis is the best online dispensary in Canada. You can buy weed online canada with mail order marijuana services easily with confidence. Weed lovers living in Canada and over 21 years old, looking for health with weed products are looking for reliable online dispensary to buy weed online Canada Most of them search for buy weed online Canada and find reliable weed shops like ours. The only difference on our shop is gaining the trust of our customers. We improve their buy weed online Canada experiences by providing the best customer support.

Ordering weed online in Canada is a bit of risky unless you find a reliable source to buy weed online Canada. Green God Cannabis is your one and only source to buy weed online Canada. If you want to buy weed online, you should choose the online dispensaries that provide you the best quality mail order marijuana services for the most reasonable prices. Green God Cannabis is your premier source to buy weed online Canada. Enjoy one of the lowest prices on the online cannabis market! We have lots of amazing deals for all our customers. 

buy weed online Canada

You get  $20 free promotion discount at Green God Cannabis together with your first order. We also guarantee the free & discreet shipping for the orders over $ 200. There are lots of other special deals on our online weed shop like winning credits with each other! Buy weed online Canada has never been that easy and confidential before.  Green God Cannabis(GGC) is a Canadian Online Dispensary which provides mail order marijuana services to buy weed online Canada. GGC can be your #1 and premier source to buy weed online Canada discreetly.

Your orders are packaged no-name and shipped very fast. GGC customers win some prizes and discounts while buying weed online. We offer $20 free for the first-time customers and free shipping for the orders over $200. So you miss your prizes and discounts If you are looking to find any other source to buy weed online Canada.

Mail Order Marijuana

mail order marijuana

If you are looking to buy marijuana products from a trusted online dispensary in Canada, Green God Cannabis is your best source for mail order marijuana. Mail-order marijuana is born in 2001. Dispensaries became established in Canada in years and mail order marijuana grown too. Shipping the cost of the orders was not ideal for the customers and patients. E-transfer payment systems became the Standard for buying weed online.

Green God Cannabis is also a discreet and safe online dispensary for your mail order marijuana needs. Mail order marijuana made easy with our online shop. You can safely buy your cannabis products anytime. Green God Cannabis offer maximum of 3 days shipping on your marijuana orders within Canada.

mail order marijuana

If you live in any province of Canada, what’s the best method to get weed? Answer is simple, mail order marijuana. You don’t have to smoke weed or cigarette of course. But you must know the benefits of cannabis products before you decide. Make a research on internet and you will see thousands of benefits of marijuana. Are you still waiting? You don’t need to. Just browse our products and add products to your shopping cart and place your purchases by mail order marijuana.

Did you know that mail order marijuana from Monday to Sunday at Green God Cannabis? We're here to provide you the quality, legal and compliant goods & services with our Mail order marijuana store. We as an online dispensary Canada, provide the marijuana products for beneficial and stress-free lifestyle with discreet delivery. Mail order marijuana has become quite popular since 2018. This is due to the legalization of online sales of marijuana products in Canada as of 2018.

So what is mail order marijuana?

Mail order marijuana is the most convenient and easy way to purchase marijuana products from the internet. Mail order marijuana means marijuana products can be ordered safely and easily via e-transfer payment system from the internet. People prefer mail order marijuana because they don't want their credentials to be shared on the Internet. In this case, the method of confidentiality is the mail order marijuana. Mail order marijuana is a method used throughout the world where marijuana is legalized. It is possible to buy weed online via mail-order system in different sectors. In Canada, almost everyone chooses the mail order marijuana service to buy weed online.

We can say that almost everybody buy marijuana products online in Canada. Individuals want to relax using marijuana and cannabis products. It is now very easy to buy marijuana which gives very effective results to lead a stress-free life. At this stage, the question of where and how to buy marijuana and marijuana products arises. The answer is simple; The best and most secure way is buying weed online from mail order marijuana service providers.

mail order marijuana

There are many mail order marijuana providers operating in Canada and selling their products. But it is very difficult to find the most reliable. Every day a new mail order marijuana service provider opens and grows avalanche. We advise you to place your weed orders through the Green God Cannabis mail order marijuana provider, Canada's most reliable and best online dispensary.

Mail order marijuana mostly known ad MOM. People mostly call it as MOM. Mail order marijuana is born at 2018 by the legalization of cannabis products in Canada. People and patients were looking to find a way to buy weed online canada and send payments secretly. Mail order marijuana is growed at that time. Because people and patients started to pay their orders with mail payments like Interac and some other payment methods.

Cannabis Strains

When someone thinks to buy weed online in Canada, then the first thing that comes to mind is that it is a psychoactive drug from the weed plant used basically for medical or recreational purposes. Since from the time of its origin, the species of these plants were popularly knowns as Sativa Strains and Indica Strains. Both plants have their own use in human life. The third variety of cannabis was introduced as Hybrid. Hybrid contains from both Sativa and Indica. In medical terms, all these 3 different types are known for energizing experience by boosting your focus, creativityhappiness, and deep body relaxations. Purchase your weed flowers online easily from our online shop safely. Buy weed online Canada was never been that easy before!

Weed Concentrates

When we talk about Concentrates then it will be better to answer the question, “What actually weed Concentrates are?”. Marijuana Concentrate is a highly potent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrated mass that is most similar in appearance to either Honey or Butter, that is why it is majorly known as “Honey Oil” or “Budder”. Purchase your concentrates now.

CBD Products

CBD and THC have significant therapeutic attributes. But unlike THC, CBD does not make a person feel “stoned” or intoxicated. So don’t worry, it won’t let you feel high like in case of smoking weed or marijuana. We recommend the use of CBD for your health.

CBD is usually sold in chewable tablets or liquid form or in a cream format. CBD acts on receptor-receptor cells and stimulates the nervous system in the human body. CBD is seen as a much more nutritional supplement. Greed God Cannabis is a perfect online weed dispensary which deals in some CBD products namely Tinctures, THC Oil, CBD Oil, Capsules, Salve, Lotion, Distillate, BALM, and CBD Honey. If agreed, then buy online to give it a try.

Marijuana Weed Edibles

If you don’t like cigarettes or weed or don’t like marijuana, but you’re still looking for marijuana effects and medical benefits, you should try the edibles. A weed edible, also known as a cannabis-infused food or simply an edible, is a food product that contains cannabinoids, especially tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Edibles with THC are mostly consumed for medical and recreational purposes.

Customers Testimonials

Best online dispensary in Canada, fast delivery and discreet packaging. I am so satisfied and I will re-order medical marijuana from GGC soon !!!
Alex M. / Vancouver
I’ve bought from other online dispensaries in the past but nobody provided the quick service that I got from Green God Cannabis. Thanks!
David F. / Montreal
Seulement deux jours après ma commande, la médical marijuana a été livrée à mon adresse. La qualité du produit est incroyable. 
Jessica J. / Ontario


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