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Hybrid, Indica, Sativa

What’re the Differences Between these Cannabis Categories?

Hybrid Flowers


Hybrid flowers are mostly used for health and medical benefits. Hybrid strains effects like combination of indica and sativa.

Indica Flowers


Indica strains are mostly used for nights and it relaxes you. It has lots of medical effects like sense of deep body relaxations.

Sativa Flowers


Sativa is great strain if you need to have energizing experience by boosting your focus, creativity and happiness.

Top Selling Cannabis | Hybrid, Indica And Sativa Strains

Mary’s Phoenix Tears
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Honey Cherry Oil Honey Cherry Oil
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Amber Oil
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Blaze Concentrates – Nuken Shatter
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Top Selling Concentrates

Mary’s Phoenix Tears
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Amber Oil
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Honey Cherry Oil Honey Cherry Oil
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Terp Star Concentrates – Live Diamonds
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Top Selling Edibles

Eva’s Delicacies – THC Hard Candies (100mg THC)
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Eva’s Delicacies – Sour Belts (300mg THC)
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Eva’s Delicacies – Gummies (300mg THC) Eva’s Delicacies – Gummies (300mg THC)
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Mary’s Hot Chocolate
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We understand that buying your weed online can be a daunting experience. At Green God Cannabis, we do our best to make it as smooth and hassle-free as possible. When it comes to buy mail order marijuana online we combine technology with our passion for the industry to ensure that you consistently get excellent service and quality products for the best prices around.

We deliver weed from coast to coast our dispensary is situated on the Vancouver, BC west coast, but you can safely buy weed online from Calgary, AB, Toronto, Ontario, to even Charlottetown PEI.
Cannabis is a species of Cannabaceae family. Cannabis is known as one of the oldest raw material sources in human history. Cannabis, which is the homeland of Central Asia, has a stiff, gravel, hollow body, palmat leaf, dioic and single year. Besides, the fibers are durable and very long. Because of this feature, it is often preferred in areas such as sacks, rope bags, and networking. Cannabis is a very potent plant, and its use is almost no need for medication. According to the Grand View Research report, the size of the cannabis market is expected to rise to $ 11 billion in 2025. Major cannabis producers are also announced in the US, Canada, China, India, Japan, Brazil, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Can protein and amino acid from cannabis help reduce the blood pressure of hypertension patients?

Researchers in Canada have initiated a study to investigate the effects of cannabis protein on hypertension. Director of a Canadian University, said the study would be useful in the treatment of hypertension or high blood pressure, based on food rather than drugs. Studies at the university showed that cannabis oil(CBD) could reduce blood pressure in hypertensive laboratory mice.


Marijuana or cannabis is a green or grayish mixture of the dry strains and flowers of the cannabis plant. Marijuana has more than two hundred names. People give this substance many different names. Marijuana is the name given by the Mexicans to the cannabis plant. This is a kind of Moraceae (white mulberry) family and resembles a skinny nettle. It is about 1.8 meters in length and can be grown anywhere hot. Marijuana is a plant with a long history and tradition, and many use it because of its properties. People use it as recreational (medicines), medical and industrial (as raw materials). The use of Cannabis during religious ceremonies all over the world is very old.

Marijuana has many different names. The slang terms used for drugs change rapidly and vary from one region to another. They may even differ between parts of a big city. Pot, grass, ganja or weed can be heard.

Most users wrap the marijuana in a cigarette. Some users use marijuana to cook or brew tea. Another method is to open a cigar and fill the tobacco and fill it with marijuana, called blunt.

There are many studies on the use of marijuana in the treatment of disease. These studies show us that marijuana can be used effectively in the treatment of many diseases unlike what is known. Marijuana can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Marijuana is an effective anti-anxiety plant. The marijuana can alleviate the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. It shows that cannabidiol, a chemical compound in marijuana, inhibits the kanser ID-1 ol gene that cancer cells use to spread. It is seen that Marihuanan end epilepsy seizures. Marihuanan is effective in the treatment of glaucoma. Marijuana-based drugs have been developed to treat glaucoma pain. Contrary to what most people believe, marijuana has become more definite as a result of research that has increased rather than reducing lung capacity. It significantly reduces the pain of MS. Marijuana contains at least 60 cannabinoids. THC is the primary chemical associated with mind-altering effects. THC is used to treat nausea, including nausea caused by medication or chemotherapy. The use of marijuana in patients with Parkinson’s disease became evident that shivering was improved and movement skills improved.

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