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Guide to Indica Strains

Cannabis is a mesmerizing genre of a plant that is best known for its mind-boggling and medicinal properties. Its use and cultivation date back as far as written language itself and its medical and spiritual efficacy are very popular among many cultures throughout history. Cannabis is an annual flowering plant that demonstrates both male and female reproductive organs, meaning a male must pollinate a female to create seeds. If in any case, the female cannabis plant does not receive pollen within its reproductive cycle is often called Sinsemilla, a Spanish term that means “without seed”. These seedless female plants most frequently produce the large, resinous buds that are commonly smoked, vaporized or processed into oils. Hemp is a different subspecies of cannabis most ordinarily cultivated for its fiber and seeds. It also produces a moderate amount of CBD (Cannabinoid) that can be concluded into cosmetics, oils, and other consumables.

Even after gaining a universal presence, it is very hard to understand what cannabis is or why there are various cannabis strains available in the market with different names.

Cannabis is believed to be originated in Central Asia, but throughout the years, conquest and exploration would carry the plant to almost every corner of the world. Cultivators selectively bred their plants according to their communal needs or demands. As a result of crossbreeding, horticulturists get numerous cannabis strains. These strains are collected from their native habitats before the crossbreeding process. The crossbreeding is the process that shows the potential of cannabis plants. This process is also known as hybridization (means breeding different males with different females) to receive a different combination of features in strains as per the need of the societies. The hybridization has given rise to the thousands of named varieties of cannabis and its strains that we consume today.

These cannabis strains are broadly categorized as “Indica”, “Sativa” and “Hybrid”. All three variants refer to the different plant shapes and structures, features that are important for growers or cultivators. In short, if we compare Cannabis Indica with Sativa plants then Indicas are shorter, wider and bushier in looks with smaller leaves.

Indicas are known for its sedating effects, Sativa promotes energy, whereas Hybrid falls somewhere in between the two. However, the research has unmasked this effects-based classification depicting other features in detail. So, let us discuss one of the three strains in detail here, i.e. Indica strains.

The Cannabis Indica and Sativa are the same in a way and different in another way. But instead of debating, we will just discuss Cannabis Indica. Indica is cultivated majorly in and around India. It is planted popularly for different purposes like for the production of Charas(also known as hashish) and for converting into clothes from its fibers. The Indica plant produces a high level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The higher percentages of THC provide euphoric and intoxicating effects on the human body making it popular for use both as a recreational and medicinal drug. The cannabis Indica high is also referred to as a “body buzz” drug and has beneficial properties in cases of pain relief in addition to being an effective solution for insomnia and anxiety. The most common cannabis Indica strains for recreational and medicinal use include Kush and Northern Lights.

The Indica plants are popular for their distinctive fat leaves and short flowering cycles. These plants are relatively small in stature, often growing under six feet tall.

While browsing for cannabis strains or buying cannabis strains at a shop one may find two broadly classified options named: Indica strains and Sativa strains. So, for choosing one which is required by a consumer, depends on the basic facts like, Indica strains are believed to be physically sedating, perfect for relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before bed whereas Sativa strains tend to produce additional restorative, ascension cerebral effects that combine well with physical activity, social parties, and inventive comes.

The cannabis researchers suggest these categories aren’t as prescriptive as one might hope—in other words, there’s little evidence to suggest that Indicas and Sativas exhibit a consistent pattern of chemical profiles that would make one inherently pacifying and the other uplifting. We do know that Indica and Sativa cannabis strains are different in terms of look and growth, but this distinction is basically useful only to cannabis cultivators.

Health Benefits of Indica Strains

Being filled with relaxing and calming effects, Cannabis Indica strains are perfect for both mental and muscle relaxation. India has got your back like getting extra sore from your workout, decompressing yourself from a tiring and stressful week. Indica gives you that body high that makes it all that much harder to get off of the couch and increases dopamine, which brings on a wave of true peace in you.

The strain is also known to decrease nausea feeling, help in acute pain, reduce anxiety and seizures, treat lupus and multiple sclerosis. This vast list of wonderful effects does surprise many of the consumers of Indica strains. Therefore, one can find the best possible solution for almost every medical or recreational need, while opting for Cannabis Indica strains. These strains provide treatment of every kind of problem with a difference of the required amount of THC only.

Effects of Indica Strains are:

  1. Induce relaxation
  2. Stimulates appetite
  3. Relieves pain
  4. Aids Sleep disorder
  5. Dominates body
  6. Gives sedating effect
  7. Relaxes muscles
  8. Reduces nausea
  9. Increases dopamine

Indica's Strain is often used in the treatment of anxiety, acute pains and sleep disorders (also known as Insomnia). Indica strains are also used for medical purposes like to treat seizures, migraines, and headaches, and to relieve stress. Indica strains can often be identified by their tangy or sweet aroma and strong, distinct flavors.

Some popular Indica strains are mentioned below:


The best and most striking Indica strain we deal with is ICE. Actually, ICE is an acronym for Indica Crystal Extreme. ICE would be an accurate description for this frosty, aromatic bud. It produces an ample sparkling yield in as little as eight weeks, but many growers prefer to extend the grow up to ten weeks. ICE is a hybrid strain.

Northern Light

Northern Light is a beloved among consumers and growers worldwide. The exact anatomy of Northern Light is still unknown as experts believe that the Indica’s strain is the outcome of crossbreeding of 11 cannabis varieties.

Currently, these strains are Indica-dominant, with a heady, couch-lock high and a smooth, distinct flavor.

Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic was borne with a collaboration between California and Oregon strains. This is a kind of bushy plant which can grow up to 1 meter tall, but the recommendation is for topping or pinching the plant, and trimming like a bonsai for a maximized yield. Blue Mystic is harvested around eight weeks for a sweet, fruity flavor, or until ten weeks for a stonier high.

Special Kush #1

The Special Kush 1 strain is the perfect choice for new growers. Special Kush plants can grow up to 3 meters and need a warm outdoor climate. Our Special Kush 1 seed yield small, tight buds and the smoke that produces a body, hash-like stone.

Bubble Kush

The Bubble Kush strains are Indica-dominant with Sativa hybrid of 19 percent THC potency. It is sweet in taste. This is really a perfect blend which results in a relaxing and natural bliss as you explore the corners of your mind. Bubble Kush seeds yield buds up to 140 cm indoors and 200 cm outdoors.

Pineapple Kush

Being a descendent strain of OG Kush, Pineapple Kush combines the potency of the Original Gangsta, with a pleasant, sweet and aromatic flavour. You may taste a tinge of caramel and vanilla, along with the pineapple. The high is heady and not truly as physical as in the case of its antecedent, OG Kush.

OG Kush

The OG Kush is a popular and world-renowned Indica strain. It is universally recognized for its potency and distinct flavour. It possesses a chilly flavor with an aroma and aftertaste that lasts for long while you enjoy equally intense body and head highs.

Fat Banana

The Fat Banana is remarkably popular for numerous cannabis smokers as it gives sweetness of banana flavour that can be appealing to the consumers.

Breeding Cannabis Banana with OG Kush has created the right combination in terms of Fat Banana. This sticky green Indica strain is called "fat" for a reason. It is a yield between 350-400g/m2 under 600W lights. This comes within two months of flowering if cultivated indoor. The result is a thick, generous plant with over 25% of THC in its yellow-tinged buds. People experience an arresting couch-lock that only the best Indica can deliver.

Speedy Chile (Fast Flowering)

The Speedy Chile Fast Flowering strain is an auto-flowering hybrid crossbred between Chile Indica and an outstanding Green Poison. It contains Indica-dominant characteristics that allow you to stay buzzed, but alert and focused. The Sativa undertones produce a mellow body buzz with a focused, alert high, perfect for all-day users also.

Royal Cookies

Here at Greed God Cannabis, we pride ourselves providing Royal Cookies. Nowadays, cookie strains are high in terms of demand. In the case of all the Indica genetics, Cookies stand out in the name of any strain. It typically produces an aroma of confectionery products, not unlike warm cookies. The sweet flavour of the smoke is an attraction for the senses. Our Royal Cookies variety not only delivers flavours but gives a high euphoria effect as compared to deeply relaxing Indica strain.

Having 23% THC content, this high is a combination of muscle relaxation throughout the body and a cerebral head high. Pace yourself with this delicious stand-out Indica strain from our catalogue.

Choosing the right strain for your individual needs

It really doesn’t matter if you’re new to cannabis strains or a long-time user, there is a huge confusion surrounding the words “Indica” and “Sativa.” The confusion reaches so far, it has led many growers, cultivators or cannabis sellers to even ask people what type of strain you prefer, as you’re looking to purchase the flower. The root cause of this confusion is totally a wide variety of cannabis and its variants available in the market both for recreational and medical use. It is actually noted as a problem because it gives users the wrong idea and is the main issue when trying to use the plant for medicinal purposes.

Before choosing the best suitable strain for yourself, it is to be decided first that what kind of relief you want or what type of problem you are facing. The most common belief behind strain selection is that Sativa’s are more uplifting, energetic, and cerebral - good for social gatherings and fitness activities. The majority of cannabis users or growers also believe that Indica’s are the go-to strain for something relaxing, or to aid in sleep and pains or appetite stimulation.

According to the researchers, the truth is entirely different. There is a little evidence backing the belief that either of the cannabis types displays “a consistent pattern of chemical profiles that would make one inherently sedating and the other uplifting.”
Thus, one has to understand that the buds may vary greatly in look, smell and effects.

So, think first what it is you want to achieve because it will largely determine what kind of plants you will be using.

In other words, before selecting any of the cannabis strain, you should answer the following questions to yourself:

  1. Purpose of use (i.e., recreational or medical)?
  2. Which type of effect you are looking for, mental or physical?
  3. What kind of fragrance or appearance you are looking for?
  4. What timeline and cultivation cycles are you looking for?

Here, at Green God Cannabis we have answers to all your queries. We provide all cannabis Indica Strains for every possible use at very effective pricing. So, keep ordering with us for the best Indica Strains in Canada. We would love to serve you with a wonderful experience.

Shop with us and have an everlasting experience!

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