medical cannabis regulations acmpr

Initially, there was an act enacted by the name of MMAR (Marijuana Medical Access Regulations) in 2001. Then as an improvement, one more act came into force in 2013 known as MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations). The transmutation from MMAR to MMPR was to focus on the supply and procurement of medical cannabis in Canada. The purpose of MMPR was focusing on the production, distribution, and consumption of medical cannabis. It introduced a licensing system for cannabis production and supply were even genuine patients had to buy or procure cannabis from licensed sellers or producers only. Consequently, it made cannabis unaffordable to some medical patients. The enactment of this act was followed by a few subsequent amendments.

According to the MMPR act, people could not grow their medical cannabis with them. Then this need proposed a new act to be enforced for the society. The new act proclaimed, later on, was Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). It’s vaulting goal was improving access to medical cannabis. This act is essentially a combination of both MMAR and MMPR which reintroduces some key aspects again by modifying them. Two main focus points of ACMPR are:

  • The patients can go for limited personal cultivation of cannabis for their medical requirement
  • Alternatively, patients can authorize someone on their behalf to cultivate or grow cannabis but that cultivator can grow cannabis for only two designated patients at a time.

The personal and dedicated growers have to apply for a license or registration certificate from Health Canada. The primary cannabis supplies like seeds and plants must be purchased from licensed suppliers only. The producers or suppliers who were licensed under the MMPR act will be transitioned to ACMPR also. The rules and regulations are a bit different from MMPR to ACMPR. Under MMPR, the licensed producers were permitted to sell only dried cannabis to patients but according to ACMPR, these licensed producers are authorized to sell starting supplies also (like seeds and plants). The act also states that a licensed producer may possess, produce, sell, provide, ship or deliver cannabis or cannabis oil. Secondly, it says that a licensed producer can possess, produce, sell, provide, ship or deliver cannabis to produce cannabis products and can do the same for research purposes. This act adheres to the rule of adultism also that means only an adult (a person who has attained the age of 18 years) is authorized to purchase and consume cannabis.

There is another interpretation under this act that if in any case cannabis has been altered denatured to an extent, further consumption of which is impossible or can lead to some health problems. So, the producers and dealers have to take care of it, to comply with the ACMPR act. The limit for possessing cannabis is also addressed by this act. For example, a medical consumer can have only 30 times the daily dosage requirement as prescribed by the medical practitioner.

According to the ACMPR act, a person is prohibited to seek or obtain cannabis from more than one source at a time and excess quantity as mentioned in the medical documents by his or her healthcare practitioner.

Finally, to wrap up the facts about Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) Act we can conclude that this act has enunciated rules and regulations for everyone related to the Cannabis market like producers, retailers, online sellers, consumers. We look forward to you to contact us for more information.

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