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What is Kraken?

Kraken is a kind of fictional weed strain of an unrecognized breed introduced by Spanish breeder Buddha Seeds. This strain is again a hybrid one but known as Indica dominant. Breeding with power and production in mind, this Indica hybrid weed produces lumpy and compact buds covered with a blanket of crystal resin. Harvesting on a large scale with intense euphoric effects, this monster strain of an Indica lives up to its name.

So, The Kraken weed strain is a delightful Indica hybrid with an unknown heritage. Still, this sociable strain induces a relaxing vibe and chuckling nature.

Some Indica weeds will leave make you stuck to the couch. But not Kraken! This weed strain results in deep relaxation but is not overly sedative. Excellently suitable for moments when you are looking for some extra grounding, this plant often finally gives a slight heavy-body sensation. However, this uplifting strain is also good for sharing. This silly flower has a convivial nature and can even inspire some interesting conversations.

Kraken is generally referred to as an automatic flowering Indica variety originated from Buddha Seeds and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors where the female, auto-flowering plants need near about 77 days from the seedling till the grown crops. Buddha Seeds' Kraken has always been available only as feminized seeds.

Kraken by Buddha Seeds is already fantastically popular among the Spanish cultivation community. The productiveness is at incredible levels, and the effects are completely overwhelming for inexperienced smokers. The growers from southern Spain, a place where cannabis is produced on a very large scale, have stated that Kraken is a very crowd-pleasing exquisite due to production and potency.

Have you ever dived into a giant deep-sea of Kraken? These creatures will abruptly slit your gear apart, and you won’t be able to have the slightest chance of competing with all that weight and power. Kraken by Buddha Seeds does exactly the same and convinces with intolerable powerful effects and a production rate that is anyhow beyond average. The Spanish harvesters already celebrate this Kraken, and it’s only a matter of time until more European growers will start doing so. It is regarded as a large-scale productiveness!

Why Kraken has been created?

Buddha Seeds have created Kraken with the one and only goal to establish a combination of growing traits that will positively affect the final output. Expect a heavily spreading monster, with long and thick side branches, allowing plenty of nutrients to flow through them. The flowers are noticed with the highest density one can even imagine, giving Kraken a wonderful appearance and quality. Bud production occurs at a fast pace, and overall growing speed is absolutely remarkable. Buddha Seeds doesn’t provide precise information on the flowering time, but cultivators won’t have to fear a late-finisher.

The taste of Kraken is completely influenced by fresh flavors and minty smacks. Its smoke is about to become another Spanish classic because of its fresh blend of aromas, preferably to be enjoyed when sunshine is present. Regular and heavy Kraken users will admire the maximum potency to be received by Kraken but beginners might want to look for something else. The effects are can be too overwhelming for rookie smokers.

Why Buddha Seeds are used to create the Kraken? The reason is the expectation of high production potential and even strong side branches. It’s majorly grown throughout Spain with excellent yield, and European growers are also looking for a highly potent strain with insane productiveness basically don’t need to look any further for options. It’s not just a Spanish myth, it's a reality that it is soon to become a European legend!

Kraken Experience

This plant may be considered as an Indica dominant strain, but that doesn’t mean that it results in all drowsy-eyed and slow speed. While on one side, this plant can certainly inspire a substantial relaxation, it also gives social feelings with an upbeat vibe. Sometimes high doses may leave you drowsy, but lower doses allow for a good functional experience overall.

Shortly after the first taste, a potent mood with uplift strikes in the human body. This euphoria trickles into a funny and talkative experience, making this strain perfect to share with friends even during parties. However, the ultra-relaxing feature of this plant makes it a good one to consume in day time also. As a bonus, this plant might make help you in getting you to sleep!

Weed fans can enjoy this strain in various different ways, including;

  • Kraken Oil Pens may be available from selected brands, depending on the region of demand.
  • Kraken shatter, Kraken wax, and other Kraken concentrates may also be available from numerous retailers.

General Effects of Kraken:

  1. Sleepy
  2. Relaxed
  3. Happy
  4. Euphoric
  5. Hungry

Medical effects of Kraken:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Stress
  3. Pain
  4. Depression
  5. Lack of Appetite

Available Flavours:

  1. Earthy
  2. Tea
  3. Pepper

Traits of Kraken and Kraken seeds:

This strain is a bit of mystery. When bred by Buddha Seeds, this herb is considered as an Indica dominant plant. However, the parents of this drowsy flower still remain a mystery. And the plant is known to produce moderate to high levels of THC and features a potent savory aroma in the Kraken flowers.

In fact, this herb is reported to have a strong diesel smell with sharp hints of spicy pine. Its strong fragrance can make it difficult to hide anywhere, so those seeking discretion may want to consider smell proof bags along with carbon filters.

With a high-THC level, the herb can produce up to 16 percent of the psychoactive feel. This is exactly a justified amount for moderate and experienced consumers. Newcomers, however, may still find this plant a little too strong for comfort. While consuming high doses, this herb can inspire anxiety.

Medical Benefits of Kraken:

  • While looking for natural headache relief with any of the weeds, many people find this strain helpful for headaches, migraines, and eye pressure.
  • Due to its sedative nature, people suffering from sleep disorders may find it helpful.
  • Those with problems like inflammation, muscle stiffness and cramps also tend to enjoy this strain.

Kraken derived from Buddha Seeds is available only as a feminized seed. Regular seeds are not available at present. If you are looking to buy Kraken strain online then you can come and explore our website Green God Cannabis. We are serving within Canada’s coastline and have a large array of cannabis products to be delivered throughout the Canada. So, don’t waste your time and logon to our website to experience the best of weed strains and products.

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