Cannabis is a hemp plant that is cultivated freely in many parts of the world. It is the oldest and natural plant in the Cannabis family. Traditionally, cannabis was being used for many years for recreational purposes. That time, people were consuming pure forms of cannabis. There were no such varieties of cannabis during that period but it was proved to be effective in certain conditions for which people were consuming it. Despite its effectiveness, cannabis was being used privately because its consumption was not legal. The past several decades have witnessed some controversial debates over the legalization of cannabis. The legalization is assumed to be the largest public policy enforcement in this country during the last five decades. When it comes to cannabis legalization then we are not talking about a new industry instead we are talking about a new legal industry because cannabis was already being used by people but not it is recommended to be used in legal terms.

Canada is recognized as a social system based on an objective theory of values due to which it took so many years to legalize recreational cannabis. In the case of cannabis legalization, Canada has become the first country to initiate the same. The whole thought and execution were instigated by the broad Canadian public. People could not possess or consume it legally before legalization. But after so many researches on its benefits or side effects, the Canadian Government made it legal to sell, buy and consume throughout Canada. As a result, recreational cannabis has been legalized across the country, and that means an entire industry has taken a completely new shape within the Canadian economy. This legalization came into existence during 2018. Canada is the second country within the world to countenance recreational cannabis. Its Cannabis Act has set a benchmark for the U.S. government to follow. Under this act, the Canadian government retains an authority to ban recreational cannabis whenever not dealt with within legal terms. But users still can buy cannabis from a government-run website.

Albeit the fizzle, there was a matter of concern that how legalization will affect Canada’s politics and economy. The legalization will certainly be bestowing benefits to Canada’s economy but how many of these will be seen as uncertain. It was considered to be a grand experiment and outcomes are still there to be recognized. Assuming that 100 percent of cannabis buyers will turn into legal buyers would not be correct because a small section of the all will continue buying their cannabis from their regular buyers. But to be on the positive side, the majority of them will start purchasing and consuming cannabis within the legal boundaries, most probably these people might be taking cannabis for medical use.

Genuine or regular buyers were possibly expected to grow. But for some time, cannabis stocks and transactions were dipped when the legal sale was started. After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the medical industry of the country had come into existence with new and improved treatment methods and revenue generation. Due to legalization, the cannabis business got affected for a short period but it gained back its position because nowadays, along with recreational uses, cannabis is being used for medical treatments also in some curative conditions. Across the whole of Canada, there are some public and private cannabis dealers. One can even buy online also as many companies are providing door-to-door disguised delivery of cannabis consumables in Canada. Sometimes, cannabis edibles may take a longer time to be delivered. One of the renowned companies dealing in recreational and medical Cannabis is Green God Cannabis. We, in GGC, are processing and selling our wide range of Cannabis products legitimately, within jurisdictional boundaries. Anyone can trust us as we are into this business for a quite long time with government authority.

From a Governmental point of view, there are a huge number of producers who have set up their retail outlets also in Cannabis legal areas. Thus, in a way or another, they will generate economic benefits for the government. These benefit may include generation of employment opportunities and taxes paid by cannabis dealers (sales tax on cannabis) and these employees (income tax on their income). In other sense, Canada’s model is the center of modest taxes to be imposed on cannabis. These not only generate revenue but also help dislodge the black market. These taxes are lesser than those levied in California.

Few more things are still there to be known by everyone, even though it is legal to sell and buy cannabis but in legally specified quantities and with the proper guidance of medical practitioners (if using for treating some ailment). The main prerequisite to buy cannabis is that the age of the buy or consumer must be more than 21 years. In this support, the cannabis market is taking a new direction towards a betterment.

Impact of Legalization on Supply

What is Prohibition? A prohibition entails to forbidden production, exchange and sale of a product or service. The purpose of the prohibition is purely shaking the whole cannabis market ideally to restrain the production, exchange, and consumption of a product, and finally eliminating the same in the market. This forbiddance affects both demand and supply.

Consequently, after facing cannabis prohibition in society, the legalization relieved the market players and consumers of cannabis. After legalization, every transaction of cannabis was monitored or accounted legally under jurisdiction laws. Again the supply increased but everything was legally handled. The Canadian government started levying taxes and subsidies on cannabis which resulted in a controlled supply and finally reduced misuse of recreational cannabis. The GGC sells all its cannabis products with the best quality, price and legal authority.

Impact of Legalization on Demand

Until the topic of cannabis legalization raised, there was nothing to keep track of its number and types of demand. As a result of legalization, the excess use of cannabis got reduced because some conditions are mandatory to be followed like minimum 21 years of age to buy or consume cannabis and purchasing the required recreational or medical cannabis from government authorized shops or websites. From these sources everything started getting automated and legalized as per government rules, so, there was no chance to buy these products for illegal consumption. Thus, cannabis demand was reduced for some time after legalization but proceeded further keeping in mind the consequences of illegal cannabis consumption and again started increasing by the time passed. Consequently, cannabis demand also hiked along with legal procedures. On the GGC website, we are selling cannabis in a completely legal method like the recommended quantity of cannabinoids in products depending on its uses, secured and legal payment method and cross-checking the person’s identity whether he or she is eligible to purchase and consume cannabis or not.


  1. The legalization leads the Canadian government to save money. Now, the question arises - how? Each level of government saved money because after legalization they were not supposed to invest money in police forces. The reason for this was, the cannabis-related crime decreased with this enforcement. These savings were named as police savings.
  2. The other kind of money savings were court savings which means savings from the expenditures to be incurred during judicial and prosecutorial proceedings. This became possible due to lesser criminal activities related to cannabis followed by less number of legal investigations and hearings. When cannabis was legalized then police departments and courts were not supposed to deal with any of the crimes.
  3. The next is prison saving. In this category, when the number of crimes was got abated then consequently the number of prisoners was also declined. Because then people who were accused of cannabis crimes would not have to be incarcerated.
  4. Another benefit of cannabis legalization is an organized crime which means that every illegal buyer or consumer of cannabis got conscious of being caught and punished for the offense. Hence, the crime rate was almost diminished from society.
  5. One more benefit of legalization was an economic surplus. The reason is the change in demand and supply of cannabis. As a result of legalization, the price may go down followed by increased demand and consumer surplus. This could affect two types of people like consumers who are already purchasing cannabis on market-determined price and the new consumers who are willing to buy cannabis at the new price which will provide consumer surplus.


Just wind up with the conclusion, it would not be wrong to say that the cannabis legalization has the potential to modify the punitive or retributive system of the country. The legalization seems to be a very promising and positive approach from the social justice perspective. This is because the money and resources which were used in preventing unauthorized cannabis sale, purchase, possession or consumption so far, can now be spent on other social issues. This legalization has opened doors to the retailers as well as web-only stores and dispensaries. In Canada, if you look forward to buying cannabis online then the perfect option is the Green God Cannabis – Canada’s #1 leading online dispensary providing a long line of cannabis consumables online and in a completely legal way.



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